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2015 FaceChess Subset

The 2800 Club! Super Grandmasters set of 6.

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2015 FaceChess

Modern Grandmasters leading chess to date.

What Chess Players Say About Us

“I am so pleased to be featured on one of the cards, in such good company! There is a huge market for sport cards collecting and it would be nice that chess takes on, it would help chess get more popular!"


Alexandra Kosteniuk,

12th Women’s World Chess Champion

"I had no idea there was such a thing as Chess trading cards. On Amazon; that would be a cool gift for a Scholastic Chess tournament win."


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  • Design planning
  • Finish & material selection
  • Quality control
  • Printing press production
  • Collectible cards for years to come

Our Start!

Our very first set created in 2011, was the start of making sets available to all who would love to create sports trading cards since so few have been created since the 19th century. Collect your favorite player today or entire sets!

Good design brings continuity, function, and beauty to all chess players exhibited and to those who collect. We seek to honor all chess players for our favorite pastime. A typical project includes these services:

Card Sets

FaceChess wants nothing more than to popularize chess to the multitude and celebrate the players of past and present to bring awareness as to their achievements and dedication.

Our Goal